Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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Welcome to our Survey Page - thanks for navigating so far !

     If you would spare a few seconds to fill in the spaces below, we would be so pleased 

     It would give us a better picture of who is visiting our site, and whether we are getting it right, or need to make some changes!

It really can take just 30 seconds to complete!   (OK, maybe a bit more if you have a long  name, or have many comments to make!)

N.B. The survey is quite confidential - we do not get your email address unless you choose to send it. 

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Survey results

We shall publish some general results when there are enough returns to show percentages.

Of course, the results will not reflect on all our visitors, only those who return the forms!

Results will be updated on a monthly basis, or as sufficient numbers are returned