Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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September 27th 2019                            

                                             Alan Norris   will speak on  "The Railways of Sweden "

Alan Norris is a regular visitor to Sweden and has travelled on many of the country's railways.  His talk on “The Railways of Sweden” includes the history since the first line opened in 1856, and which has mirrored the development of railways in the UK.  Electrification of most of Sweden's railways came in the first half of the 20th century, but there was some contraction in the network.  Since the 1990's new lines have been constructed as the network has expanded, together with track doubling to meet increasing demand for both passenger and freight services.   He covers some recent developments, including the Stockholm City Line which is similar to the Crossrail project.  


EXTRA  - - Visit the Siemens Rail works on Saturday 28th September - book now!

You can see details of the Open Day on the Seimens web site,  or click here to book.  Admission free, but booking required.

Xmas meal - bookings need to be made by the September Club meeting.  (For details see the December page)

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