Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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                                                                                                    The Short S.23 "Empire" flying boat "Caledonia" first flew from Calshot to Egypt in 1937

November 22nd 2019  (note early date to avoid local area events.)  


 Colin van Geffen    presents   Flying Boats of Southampton

The age of the flying boat spans barely sixty years. Throughout this period Southampton was right at the forefront of flying development that literally encompassed the whole world. They opened up not only the furthest reaches of the British Empire by crossing oceans and continents, but also reduced the transit time to Australia from six weeks to under eight days. We will examine the birth of the Flying Boat Services from Southampton to the rest of the world, re-living the Golden Years and sharing some of the triumphs and disasters along the way and bringing the story up to date

Local event - Annual exhibition of the New Forest Model Railway Society --  Brockenhurst, 24th November  --  check their website for info.

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