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March 23rd 2018    (note early date to avoid Bank Holiday)

Railways in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in 1998   by Dave Peel

Dave took us on a hot and dusty rail tour on the Railways in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in 1998 featuring Amman, Damascus and Beirut .

He started at Aqaba in the south of Jordan on the banks of the gulf.

Most days were in Jordan, with sights in the Wadi Rum desert, potash trains at Aqaba, rock-carved ruins at Petra, the salty Dead Sea and finally steam run-pasts around Amman.    The steam trains were in an extremely poor state and only used locally for photography run-pasts.

The Amman run-past was impressive however, not least for the 40° heat, curious locals, and the exotic terrain.

Travelling to Dera’a in Syria they stopped for photos on the ex-Haifa line and to see the Roman remains at Bosra. 

From Damascus he rode the Sarghaya and Qatarna branches, along the rare 1.05m gauge tracks.  Cadem works had fascinating old machinery, and a city sightseeing tour.

In Lebanon the highlight was an extremely rare visit to Rayak works, now in sad dusty decline, then the temples at Baalbeck before reaching the final destination, Beirut.


 Club Day trip in June - visit to East Somerset Railway on 17th June - bookings being taken at this meeting.

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