Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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June 29th  2018

More Confessions of a Narrow–Minded Enthusiast with Colin Brading

With a gauge of 18” and above, the world famous Great Little Trains of Wales offer charm, history and scenic splendour in abundance. These featured prominently as we travelled widely around the British Isles in search of all that is narrow!  From the days when steam replaced horse power in slate quarries to the modern heritage scene in which long lost lines are being painstakingly rebuilt, this was the story of how the narrow gauge in its many guises moved people and goods, in peace and in war, for 150 years - and how it continues to thrive.

Colin gave insights as to the reasons for the growth of NG lines, such as ease of construction and suitability for temporary needs.  His travels took in sites as far apart as Wales, Bedfordshire and Kent, and highlighted the Statfold Barn Railway trust`s Museum near Tamworth  as a superb collection.

June 17th

Trip to the East Somerset Railway at Shepton Mallett - bookings needed by April.

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