Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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January 31st  2020


Jim Boudreau  presented   “Maids of all work – The 2-6-0 Moguls"


An impressive resume of concentrated factual history, with intriguing historical insights.

From the first patent for a Pony or Bissell Truck, the talk outlined how the British 2-6-0 developed into a versatile true mixed traffic engine. 

Capable of higher speeds than the 0-6-0 the 2-6-0  became a useful addition to all the 'Big Four' companies.  Although the 4-6-0 superseded the 'Mogul' in the Type 5 category, construction of 2-6-0s continued almost until the end of the steam era.  The convoluted development of the SR Mogul fleet will highlight the problems of correctly identifying who actually designed the engines. Was it Maunsell?

Finally a selection of pictures of 2-6-0s that have survived into preservation  was shown.

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