Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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February 23rd 2018

“Up Hill and Down Dale  -  Travelling the Settle and Carlisle Railway”  by Nigel Mussett  

Why build a third main-line route between England and Scotland? In a most informative and riveting presentation, to a packed hall, Nigel looked at some of the problems in crossing the high Pennines, and showed why the route became a testing ground for locomotive performance trials. He reviewed the regular motive power used. Then he considered the unsuccessful attempts to close the line and showed a unique film giving the view of the line from the driver’s cab. Finally, he looked at present-day running and some of the most spectacular structures and points of interest over what has been called England’s most scenic railway route.

 More info is available from the Settle & Carlisle Railway and the Friends website.

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