Railway Club of the New Forest

  Railway Club of the New Forest 

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June 30th  2017

The Weymouth Harbour Tramway with Brian Jackson

This was  the only place in the UK where a main line passenger train and locomotive travelled one mile over a public road. In addition, there was never any form of signalling or point locking, which was usually required for this type of operation.

It opened in 1865 as a horse-drawn single line, and a steam locomotive came into regular use from 1880.   During 1889 a passenger service commenced between the Quay and Paddington to connect with the steamers. In its heyday it also carried heavy goods traffic

Now closed, its history and operation are intriguing.

Brian gave a fascinating history, with many intriguing insights, such as the nature of the green structure on the side of the house in the photo above.

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